Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If you went MUCKING...

Collage!  I love collage.  I'm promising myself to explore new techniques in the future, but for now I've got stuff like this: (below)

This was actually made on book board. You can get book board at www.hollanders.com.  Which is where I got it. I'm sure there are other places too, but I like that site because there's a whole bunch of other fun stuff on there too...

But anyway, Materials used here:
1. Acrylic paints
2. Crackle medium
3. Gel Medium
4. Old photo
5. Book pages
6. Buttons
7. Scrapbooking paper

I guess you could say scrapbooking is a less intense form of collage...  Well, maybe intense isn't the right word... coz I knows some ladies who are INTENSE  with a capital cupcake about their scrappings... so...  heh...  maybe we could just say you might be limited when inserting your creation in a plastic sleeve type page. Yes? 

I have to say I've had many many collages go wrong.

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