Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the porch

This page is just kinda something that came about because I love this picture of my baby.
She was just hanging out on the porch in her high chair and I was trying to powerwash....

So anyway...  there's a bit of filing again going on here...  and stamping, a few cross stitches...
I took some pages out of one of those books I found on the side of the road and incorporated some lines and background points.

If you glue old pages to your paper, and then peel em' off before the glue dries... you get the affect shown on the bottom up there. The words kinda have more staying power than the paper...  and then I filed it a little if too much paper stayed.

I'm not quite sure if I'm done with these pages...

but then again, quite often I go too far...  so I'm leaving them alone for now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Card: I love you

this was made with CTMH stuff.  And... a nail file...

ha...  but they sell nail file substitutes at CTMH, I just didn't have one handy...  And I'm trying my hardest not to just purchase everything they make...  but it's hard.

So anyway...
The stamps I used are all actually from one set.... It's called "A Flitter" A1108.
Ok, I lied...  the one stamp that looks like a keyhole is actually an old school ctmh stamp on a wood block.  They don't make em anymore... *sigh*  but that's good... coz the clear blocks make it much easier for your stamp to end up where it's supposed to...

The little circles are "Dimensional Elements". I glued red paper to the top and then filed the edges and dipped em' in brown ink.  Well, to be specific, I swiped them over the ink pad... no real dipping happened...

And the inside leaves room for that love poem you wrote for that someone whom you never shared your love for...  before....   Until now, coz you're probably gonna make a card like this and GO FOR IT!

Anyway, I guess I'm a little late for Valentine's day...

But I declare here and now that we should start a new movement.  A throw back to the old days when people actually used ink and paper and wrote with their hands and folded it up like a football and threw it onto someone else's desk...

I mean...  mailed it. :)

My point is... anytime is a good time for a hand made card.  And anyone would be shocked as all &*^^ to get one in the mail.

Goodnight Sunday...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Tunes: The Librarian

I just have have have HAVE to express my love for this song.
One of my favorite of My Morning Jacket’s creations.
One of my favorite songs ever in the LIFE! Even in the secret LIFE… of bees…

It’s one of those songs that makes you feel like you’re in a movie when you’re listening to it. The little trickly guitar accompaniment starts… and your eyes become the singer’s eyes and you just watch through his head where he’s going and what he’s seeing… and … it’s just really amazing.
And more strings kinda show up eerily and get progressively more telling along with the percussion…

Ok, enough with my twaddle… but bottom line: Just an amazing arrangement of sounds. Do yourself a favor and look er’ up. You’ll be Happy you did.
Hey look, here’s the lyrics! And a staggering set of words they are! Perfectly strung together…

Walk across the courtyard,
Towards the library.
I can hear the insects buzz on the leaves, 'neath my feet.

Ramble up the stairwell,
To the hall of books.

Since we got the interweb these hardly get used.

Duck into the men's room,
Combing through my hair.
When God gave us mirrors he had no idea.

Looking for a lesson
In the periodicals,
There I spy you listening to the AM radio.

Karen of the Carpenters,
Singing in the rain.
Another lovely victim of the mirror's evil way.

It's not like you're not trying,
With a pencil in your hair,
To defy the beauty the good Lord put in there

Simple little bookworm,
Buried underneath
Is the sexiest librarian.
Take off those glasses and let down your hair for me.

So I watch you through the bookcase,
Imagining a scene.
You and I had dinner,
Spending time when you sleep.
And what can I say to you,
Lying there in bed.
These words were the kiss I would play in your head.

What is it inside our heads
That makes us do the opposite,
Makes us do the opposite
Of what's right for us.

'Cause everything be great,
And everything be good,
And everybody gave,
Like everybody could.

Sweetest little bookworm,
Hidden underneath
Is the sexiest librarian.

Take off those glasses and let down your hair for me.

Take off those glasses, and let down your hair for me.

Simple little beauty,
Heaven in your breath.
Simplest of pleasures

The world at its best.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome Roo

This page is pretty much one of those, "Hey, you're new here, so ... Welcome."

And yes, that's my little sweetheart...  and her Elephant frens...   though now she's kinda attached to this green frog....  I guess we could call her Ellaribbit for awhile instead of Ellaroo...

Gosh, ya know... sometimes scrapbooking can be corny... but man it TUGS at my wittle heart strings... haha...  coz looking at this just floods my brain with all the fuzzy feelings I felt when I was at the hospital meeting this little lady for the first time...


So anyway, there's nothing terribly complicated going on in this page... Kinda od's on pink brads...  The hearts are actually tags made with one of those presses. And I just tied em around the ribbons with hemp.
And I don't know what is about those little flowers, but I love them... and use them often.  I think every one of my christmas cards last year had a couple of em...

Karen: "GO TO BED"
Fitty: "Yes mam!"

First CTMH card

So... my first box of CTMH stuff came yesterday, so I threw together this card using the new stuff.

The stuff is so cute...

It's going to be hard not to give away everything I make...  coz I really just feel like sending this card to someone... ha...  Someone who could use a Happy Day! And what's not happy about Cherries! I ask you THAT?!

   Well, I guess it'll be more fun to visit me when I've made a nice repetiore of creations... workin' on it!  Waiting for either INK for my printer so I can print out photos to scrap with, or looking to have them printed somewhere else.  Coz lemme tell you, I printed a bunch of pics of my daughter at Walgreens...  the 9cent prints.  DON'T DO IT.  They came out terrible....  not only that... it seemed like they were printed on paper... really really disappointing.  I have to say my old printer makes better prints.
Ok, one more thing about Walgreens photo center, I have gotten prints from there in the past, and I don't remember them being this awful ... so either something's changed, or I just got a bad batch.  Ya know.. a bad batch of... 274...  crik!

 Have a  HAPPY DAY!


Saturday, April 3, 2010


 What a bejez beautious weekend!  Holy hannah New Jersey never seemed so sweet...

Ok,  So I haven't had a lot of time to work on things, but I threw this little ditty together for my parents on Easter.  And what better subject than my baby girl! Plus I'm sure grandparents love getting crap like this...  HA!

The yellow is a piece of card stock, so I kinda worked around it with scrapbook paper, and embellishments. Of course, after I glued that piece of scrapbook paper on the back, it didn't fit in the envelope anymore... heh.  But that was ok. It survived the car ride just fine.

So anyway, my parents thought it was adorable... though they may have just been talking about Roo's little face...  ha...

I have to plug here because I love looking for scrapbooking art there. The little eggs on the bottom are from a collage sheet I got from that site. They have just tons of great stuff there to work with. And once you download it, it's yours FOREVER!
So take advantage my friends, or swim away....

I think I might need some ice cream before bed...  I hope Dirkpants didn't eat the last bittle...


Folks...  when God leaves perfectly good books on the sidewalk at 2am... yes that's right, please deliver them to my front porch. HA!
ok fer serious...  I flippin love books,  the older the better, and the freer, the better.

 And if you leave them outside your house in the dark, I will take them. And if I don't read em, I will cut them up and glue the words together in compromising orders! Or I will rip out their guts and use their spines for wall art! And there will be nothing you can do about it! So keep your books tight if you don't like the sound of that....