Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Tubby Collage!

Yes, I'm watching some Gypsy's get married as I type this... 
as well as really missing my photo editing options on the computer...  but this dinkle laptop is I guess just barely cutting it for now...

So here's my fry day layout... goes great with an ice cream cone!  And when you want to conserve space with a chunk of photos from the same shoot... just cut out the main event and leave your less than desirable tub out of it and make a new one!

The materials I used are: 
1. Three styles of scrapbooking paper
2. Cut outs from magazines and books
3. Fabrc scraps (on top, and a piece of fleece for towel)
4. Ribbon and lace scraps
5. The birds are cut from a set of notecards
6. crocheted flowers - these are from, but you can get them at craft stores, etsy, or you can make em.
6. And some brads...  I used them to hold the flowers on.

The reason I did a collage type layout is because I was trying to stay away from using anything that ya'll might not have handy. Like if you said, I wanna do something like this tomorrow, you could without having to go get one of those fancy kitchenaid mixers. 

(I STILL don't have one... it's on my "OMG how am I living this long without you!" list.)

And since Youtube doesn't allow you to steal other people's music for your videos.. (heh... I'm no theify!), I decided to use some of the house mixes I was involved in with Beatlevel back in the day.. Though Beatlevel is officially broken up, Chris (Subject English) and Manish ( Oddme) have gone on to create their own mixes... so I asked them to let me use them for my videos! So you may want to just have a dance party instead of actually scrapbooking during this video....  hahaa...

So here it is!  I'm still kinda working on the camera kinks...  I realize I have a real lighting problem in my crafty space so it's hard to find a good view... especially with my set up right against the wall...
But in this video there's a good view of the mess that is my papercrafting area... but it's all good by me...

Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Layered Layout

For inspiration when I'm stumped for a new scrapbook page layout, I start looking around the house... and sometimes, just sorting through books or cd's is enough. 
And when you're featuring kids, children's books always inspire.
 I also love going to the library to see the interesting ways the books are illustrated.
 You always find some really good arty tids and bits to add to your idea log!

So... today's layout is inspired by "In My Tree" by Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich.
It's kinda one of those peek-a-boo books... but when I looked at the cover I thought... wow, this would make a really cute page!  And it kinda looks like it was more complicated than it really is.
And there's so many ways to take this basic idea and spin it.

This edition of THE FRIDAY LAYOUT features this
easy layout using layers of patterned paper to create this nice frame around your photo.

Here are some links for more information on the products I use during these scrapbooking vids...

Pazzles Inspiration:  The Cutting machine I'm using in the vid.
Cranberry Cat Scrapbook Supplies: I met these guys at the scrapbook retreat I went to in January, Great stuff, great prices!
Close to my Heart:  My favorite place for cardstock! Also, super cute embellishments and ideas!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Ok... so I've finally gotten around to some youtubing...

Since I have some three years of Easter photos lying around... and I'm sure ya'll have at least some recent ones, I thought I'd do a quick and easy page EASTER inspired.

And there is nothing used in this page that you probably don't already have around the house...
Cupcake liners are used to make the main embellishments here...
I had some leftover Easter liners from my carrot cupcakes... so I went for it!

For this project you will need:
1. One plain cardstock... I used a marigold color
2. Patterned paper... I used a couple different
3. Cupcake liners for the flowers
4. Buttons
5. Brads
6. Metal embellishment
7. 2" scalloped circle punch
8. Pen
9. Craft Thread

All items are optional... well, except for the paper... unless you're going to scrapbook on a plate or something.
This is a very easy basic layout.
You can add more to what I've done, or leave some of it out...  I mean, who am I to tell you what to do?


So grab your bunny ears and let's go!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scrappetizers before dinner

So I went on my first ever scrapbooking "retreat" last weekend.
I thought I was the only one...  I thought... there can't be anyone who likes to scrapbook as much as me??
Ok, I really didn't think that, but I did think at least in my circles, and my circles once and twice removed, that there was no other.  Every time I bring up "scrapbooking" or the like to my friends or acquaintances, their responses usually include the words, "yea, that's pretty and all but who has time or patience..." So I almost gave up hope of finding a scrappy buddy.
Man, I am just filled up to my neck with cheese!
But I don't care.  Dip your cracker in me because I am not stopping.
And I'm not stopping the sepia either! Someone recently asked me to... and followed that with, "Is this 1980?" Was sepia really that popular in 1980?  Well...  I was only 2 so I didn't notice.

So what was I talking about?


Yes, the scraptastic weekend...   Ya know... you think before you go to something like this... "man, I DO like to scrapbook, but am I really going to want to do it for two days without interruption?
And the answer came to be...  "WAIT... NO...  we have to LEAVE ALREADY? ...  but... but... I wasn't.. lemme just...  PUT DOWN MY SEWING MACHINE I'M NOT FINISHED HERE BELL MAN!"
are they still called that?

Speaking of them, what a treat to have someone carry in all my stuff!  And carry it out again.  I think the one who carried my stuff in must've pointed me out to the others before the close of the thing, coz it was harder to catch one on the way out...

I only had that stuff over there--------------->

But anyway, though I missed my ROO ROO so incredibly much, spending a saturday thru sunday was still not enough time to make any good dent in my TADA list...  But also because I just take a long fitzin' time making decisions as I'm working ...
And I really can't post much of what I made there because it's mostly for other people...

So anyway,  the plus' are as follows:
1. Constant access to coffee
2. Constant access to food
3. Nice people to talk to
4. Nice people to be inspired by
5. Nice people to annoy with your noisy machines that you brought
6. Wait, that last one wasn't a plus... I felt really bad, but...  this was not fun time, this was SERIOUS TIME that happened to also be fun.  My noise had to come with... no choice.
7. Being able to stay up all night and scrap!  (I only made it till 4am... and that was with a wine break)
8. The vendors!   Great stuff and great prices!
9. Having interrupted scrap time!

Here is the blog:  Check it out if you are interested.  Kathy, whom I had the pleasure to meet and share some talk with, is absolutely magical and knows how to set up a fantastic event!

I am going to try to make it to the one in the Poconos...  If I can sell enough on ebay and etsy, I'm there!

And that reminds me.. my etsy store will be up in the next month hopefully... just getting some small bulk made...  :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, One way to make sure you keep in mind all the things you'd like to get accomplished this year is to not only write em' down, but make em' pretty so that you'll feel inclined to actually do them because it would be such a damn shame to have prettified em' for nothing!  

This one is also from a scraplift challenge in my scrap group.  The example said "Want to..  How to"... but sometimes WANT never turns into done so.....

So it's not my idea, but I thought it was a good one!  Scrapbooking is not just for photos of your pet turtle Listerman!

And I also wanted to show you the writing power my new die cut machine has!  It  takes your pens and writes or draws with them...  KKKAAARAZZZY!  

Teapot is a whistlin!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sketch Challenge

Here's a page from a Sketch Challenge in my cafemom Scrapbook group. 
Great bunch of ladies!  Very inspiring.  Good way to get your juices flowing when you're stumped!

Next Gen Insider!

So excited to share with you the news that I was the Featured Artist in this month’s
 NextGen Insider!
Brought to you by Elizabeth Barry & Associates!  It was quite the lengthy interview, but was entirely a good time! And we also did a short vid here in the crafty space!
Check it out here:
NGaa (1 of 1)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012


I just talked to 2012 on the universe phone and she told me all the wonderful things that are already on the way to you!!! 

So get ready and make it a great year!!!