Monday, May 24, 2010

Tastefully Scrappy

One day in last saturday land, Fitty and Ninny had a Shin type of Dig.  We tasted and we scrapped... and we shared it with our FRENS!

So thanks to the friends and family who participated, it was a messy and delicious!

Here are some of my latest pages. 

This little cutie above Lukey is so photogenic!  So making scrapbooks revolving around him is way too easy.
this page uses some  DISTRESSING TOOLS,  STAMPS, Dimensional Elements and some Filigree charms.  Also brads, conchos, ribbon, and of course neutral papers and cardstock.

The dimensional elements (LUKE) I covered in paper, sanded with the micro files to make a nice and clean edge, and then stamped the top using VERSA MARK INK.  Then I brushed over the ink with chalk, and the pattern of the stamp sticks to the chalk so you can make it as subtle or strong as you like. Versa Mark ink is an invisible ink that lets you use a stamped image as a sorta glue.  You can chalk it or glitter it...  creates a really nice effect. I actually chalked Luke's name with two different colors, to bring a little contrast to the outer edge.

The EYELET TOOL makes it very easy to add eyelets and conchos to your page.  (shown above Luke's picture) The conchos are wide enough to fit a ribbon through. It's fun to use and makes for a very easy way to add interesting little touches.

And now Luke's all growed up! ha.. ok, not really but we jumped around 15 months in time...

 So when you've picked up your pics, and you're goin' through and you notice a series like this...  It's pretty much a no-brainer for a page.
I had em all kinda spread out at first and then said...  Hey, why not just shover em' right up against one another. Yes, I meant shover.  And actually... I lied.  I never spread em out. I kinda knew they wanted to be together.
So, needless to say, he's enjoying some cake... and the cake is what makes these pics so charming. So I decided to focus on that.  And I thought the flowers appropriate because he was in my mom's flower filled yard whilst he enjoyed this cake.
So...  nothing crazy again...
Just some paper, ribbon, stamps, and these things.  The stamps were little flowers, and I cut them out and pasted em' on to make em' pop a little. That's one of my new favorite things to do with stamps.  Cut em' out and they make a 3D focus to your page, or card. Color em' with pencils, chalk, or Markers if you like. 

The bottom of the page was actually done by just taking the whole ink pad in hand and dragging it over the paper. Kinda in a way so the edge would make a grassy type line here and there...

So that's it for the Luke update.

I am now going to practice my can crushing and hit the hay!

Check out Ninny's Tastefully Simple PHOODS! Our party was a double play featuring tastefully simple food. I recommend the beer bread, nana's apple cake... any of the spices...    etc..  It's really all good.  And quick and easy.  

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