Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An excuse for more pink stuff!

Can I just tell you how much I love the dimensional elements!  (The big circle thingie)
And I think I might stamp myself a pancake breakfast tomorrow if I'm not careful! So to tie together those two sentences, the circle is colored pink with pencil, then I took the waterbrush and smooshed the color a bit to make it look more water colory...  (yes... I make up words just like everyone else)...  then I stamped over it with some wordy stamp. And TADA! Antiquey style circle thingie!!! Compliments little Norah's cute as ham face nicely!

Ok... I really just can't think of anything to say about these pages so I'm babbling.  But here they are... even for just some ideas for the ladies out there.  Hmmm... I'm sure they exist, but I might point out that I've never scrapbooked with a guy... or had him say "YES! THAT SOUNDS AWESOMELY FUNTASTIC!" when I asked him to come over and scrapbook with me.

And my might turned into an I did.

GOODNIGHT FRIENDS!  ('nother page below)

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