Monday, January 17, 2011

Here's an idea.
I was looking for something a bit more special for this Christmas present and I came across on livejournal actually a long time ago.  And it took me a while to actually make a book...  but ya know how the holidays creep up and you get ideas and...  I still have some other projects in the works for them.  But as far as photo books go, I have never had a book come out as excellent as this one.  The pictures just printed so perfect.  Even the digital collages I threw together came out just as they looked on my computer.

This book is 11x 13.  So it's a good size book.  And it's just like a book you'd buy at Barnes and Noble. Hardcover, dust jacket, thick paper....   (there are other options on the site.)
But it was the best money I spent this year. 

 And I'm sure my daughter will enjoy it when she's older too.
So I can't say enough about Blurb.  Love em'.  I even wrote em a thank you note because I was so impressed with the book.  And they wrote a thank you back.. ha...  

Anyway... tis bedtime...

Goodnight friends.

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