Monday, February 7, 2011

Wall Pockets!

 So there's the mail basket on the kitchen table...
always overflowing...  always hard to find particular items of correspondence.
So here's my solution.

I actually meant to make this a wall organizer for crafts... but then for some reason it took a turn toward the kitchen...
I thought we could use a little more organization for our mail...  and other stuff we need to keep handy.

Yes. It's messy.  But messy is a style I think.  And I incorporated a big stick...  my personal favorite decoration for houses and... cars... and desks... and life in general! If my ear lobes didn't puff up at the sound of the word "earring", I'd probably wear sticks in them.

One other thing I never did before was stamp on material.  I just didn't feel like sewing those words on...  so I figured maybe I could stamp on some letters and ...  a bird.
And I think it's safe to say it works.
Though now I'm tied to putting certain things in certain pockets....   Why do I make commitments I can't keep!

And it you're cold, you could take it off the wall and drape it over yourself.  

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