Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Digital Yo!

Digital Scrapbooking. 
 I have to say I didn't like the idea at first... but I tried it...   and ya know what.  It really looks great. 

These pages were made through Close to my Heart.  The Digital Scrapbooking online is fairly new, but very user friendly and EASY! So it's perfect when you want something quick but that also looks like you spent a few minutes...

I was looking at the embellishments online and wondering how they were gonna look...   but actually, they somehow were able to make them look 3d...  and the pages still have that layered look...

I'm still exploring the Digital Realm of scrapbooking other than this program... so I'll keep ya posted, but for now this is wonderful.  And I'm definitely making some Christmas presents with this.n  And of course some more albums for myself...

 This was a good way to sum up a group of related pics without scrapbooking an entire book for one event...   So click the link up top and give it a try, you might find yourself sucked it like it's bejeweled... ha, coz it's actually a lot of fun as well as productive!

Well, have a good wednesday morning!

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