Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thanks... a lot.

I'm so appreciative for your thoughtfulness that I actually MADE you a card.  I cut down a tree in the yard,...  made paper...  and the rest is in my personal journal....

Ok cards...  I don't make em' much.  I slapped these two together because I'm in the middle of a scrapathon...  So I decided while I had all my stamps and saucies out...  I would make a couple.

So, I just said I don't make cards a lot... but in my brain, I wish I did.  Because not only is it guaranteed to be original.. but it's nice to get a card for no reason at all... and an "original for no reason" card would be wonderful to receive!  So I'm gonna put that on my TADA! list.

I just made that up.  It was a to do list before 5 seconds ago.  BRB.
Ok, I just scratched out to do and wrote TADA.  Because the store is closed now, or else I would go get a new notebook that didn't already have in it's cell memory that it was previously called to do.

Because ya know what people.  Everything you do should be a TADA!  I mean, if it's paying the doctor bill, why not pay it and then call and check that they received the payment.  Or if it's cleaning the stove... why not lift up the hood and really make sure nothing is going to make your cooking dinner smell funny.
Or if your car needs a radiator flush... why not just get a new radiator...   OK FINE.  That TADA belonged to the mechanic, not me.  "TADA! I didn't need that extra money to pay for daycare!"

Why does this have nothing to do with thank you cards?

Ok, I have a stamp set all about thank you's... so I'm using them.
And these two card layouts above took less than 5 minutes to make.
Four easy steps!


And I guess there was a little "doodle" involved here too, but that's optional.
Stick the paper together whichever way you like best.
Pick the appropriate stamp or embellishment
Sew is also optional, but it's a staple in my scrapbooking tool kit these days...
* I collect scraps of material for stuff like this.  It adds so much to a card or scrapbook page... and it doesn't have to be all neat and perfect... bunch it up and sew it on!*
Sign your name and you are finished!

And it might be better if you didn't read this post and maybe just looked at the picture.  I mean, you're a visual learner right?  That's all you need to know...  Trust your lenses...

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