Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apps Apps Apps

The main reason I love my iphone is that the photo apps are oh so much fun!
Before I take in a few pages in bed at night, I like to fool around with the photos in my phone...
The main reason I hate my iphone is that the home button just refuses to work anymore.  I pretty much pound on it 17 times.. and I usually end up getting that blue screen with the japanese writing (not really sure) and the big cancel button on the bottom...

ANYWAY, that's besides the point...

I'm not a photographer, but I LOVE taking pictures.  And it's mostly pics of my daughter... who else.  The dogs are still in denial that they've been replaced but I'm sure one of these days they'll get over it...

So here are a few of my favorite iphone photo apps:

*Lots of effects
*alter hue, brightness, gamma, crop
*Make your daughter look like she was born in the 1940s...  (shown below)

This one was an effect called color stroke. It lets you pick out one group of colors (red) to expose and keeps the rest black and white. It's an extra 99 cents for this effect but I think it's worth it.

You can also layer effects, I forget right now which other effects I have on there, but I'm pretty sure there a couple more..

And I have to add that I've printed a bunch of photos I took with my iphone and uploaded onto my computer, and they printed beautifully...  I may dedicate a scrapbook just to these altered pics alone...  FUN FUN FUN!

Other apps I use on a regular basis include:
* Pic Grunger- self explanatory
* Photofunia - very cool,  put your photos in great situations!
And with one of the recent updates, you can use multiple photos.  (shown below)

Photogene I use mostly to do quick things like crop or brighten... still useful
* Juxtaposer- Good for putting someone's head on a turtle body, or vice versa... (I used this app two years ago to make my christmas cards...)
* Typedrawing -  Word art!  Who couldn't love it!!

This photo is a combo of Juxtaposer and Typedrawing...
  heh...  that's another good thing about the apps:
- you alter a photo in one app, then you save it and open it in another app and keep altering!  It's like never ending possibilities!

And the updates just keep making the apps better!

Ok, I have some serious work to do!

Thank you and goodnight!


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