Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, I've had many many versions of a "craft" space before I've finally now gotten into something I can actually say I like. The tables Eleanor and I are sitting on my father built for me and installed about a week ago.  I say "installed" because my lovely home is made up of all crooked walls so naturally, nice straight tables did not fit perfectly as they should.  However, it still works. 

My biggest problem has always been work space. No matter what the project, I always found myself lining up tray tables... or taking it to the dining room table... or even on the deck because I just couldn't spread out enough. So I finally got the idea that I was going to make myself a big work table... yada yada...  And after picking my brother and father's brains, I'm happy to say Dad took over.  I think he thought I might hurt myself.  He also reinforced the peg board which according to him probably would've toppled down had I added one more spool of ribbon. 
So anyway, we started by painting that sucker white. 
I neglected to take "before" before pics... when I had a desk and a drafting table and bridge connecting the two. And I neglected to take any pictures from here till now.  But events such as calling my Dad to say, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE SHELVES"  and "WHERE AM I GONNA PUT ALL THIS MATERIAL" happened. So I still have totes in the closet and garage filled with stuff.  I neglected to incorporate the chest of paints, and the drawing supplies...  And all the extra material.  I got some black fabric bins at target and decided the material I was gonna use first went in those, and the rest in the garage. 

So this is what I got right now:
I decided I really needed to make space for a few finished projects (shadow boxes) and some photos that made me happy.  I mean, scrapbooking revolves around photos so...  makes sense! Oh, and that bird painting I got for $20 at Pier One. Apparently there's a sale right now. LOVE IT!   But my point is, 
how can you create in a space that you're not inspired by? 

So, the cork board is now over the keyboard on the other side of the room. Did I mention this is also my music studio?  Heh... so now I have to work on the other half.  Also, there is just no good spot for an ironing board. Maybe I'll make a nice black and white cover for it so it at least matches...  

So I'd just like to say THANK YOU DAD! You=Awesome!  Please teach me to build things! 

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