Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Layered Layout

For inspiration when I'm stumped for a new scrapbook page layout, I start looking around the house... and sometimes, just sorting through books or cd's is enough. 
And when you're featuring kids, children's books always inspire.
 I also love going to the library to see the interesting ways the books are illustrated.
 You always find some really good arty tids and bits to add to your idea log!

So... today's layout is inspired by "In My Tree" by Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich.
It's kinda one of those peek-a-boo books... but when I looked at the cover I thought... wow, this would make a really cute page!  And it kinda looks like it was more complicated than it really is.
And there's so many ways to take this basic idea and spin it.

This edition of THE FRIDAY LAYOUT features this
easy layout using layers of patterned paper to create this nice frame around your photo.

Here are some links for more information on the products I use during these scrapbooking vids...

Pazzles Inspiration:  The Cutting machine I'm using in the vid.
Cranberry Cat Scrapbook Supplies: I met these guys at the scrapbook retreat I went to in January, Great stuff, great prices!
Close to my Heart:  My favorite place for cardstock! Also, super cute embellishments and ideas!

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