Saturday, April 10, 2010

First CTMH card

So... my first box of CTMH stuff came yesterday, so I threw together this card using the new stuff.

The stuff is so cute...

It's going to be hard not to give away everything I make...  coz I really just feel like sending this card to someone... ha...  Someone who could use a Happy Day! And what's not happy about Cherries! I ask you THAT?!

   Well, I guess it'll be more fun to visit me when I've made a nice repetiore of creations... workin' on it!  Waiting for either INK for my printer so I can print out photos to scrap with, or looking to have them printed somewhere else.  Coz lemme tell you, I printed a bunch of pics of my daughter at Walgreens...  the 9cent prints.  DON'T DO IT.  They came out terrible....  not only that... it seemed like they were printed on paper... really really disappointing.  I have to say my old printer makes better prints.
Ok, one more thing about Walgreens photo center, I have gotten prints from there in the past, and I don't remember them being this awful ... so either something's changed, or I just got a bad batch.  Ya know.. a bad batch of... 274...  crik!

 Have a  HAPPY DAY!


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