Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For GG... with ♥

Been meaning to make a few pages for Grandma for a couple months now and finally got a chance to.

My lovely cousin was up from Florida last month, so we all got together with our kiddies at Grandma's house. And of course, it was a good opportunity to get some pictures of Grandma with six of her grandchildren. (she has way more than six, but I stopped counting after my brain exploded) 

Occasionally, I'll bust out my sewing machine when I scrapbook.  I really... don't know how to use it all together. I never made anything that could be worn, or hung, or sat on...  but a short straight line I can handle.  And I love what it does for a page! I wish the tension on my machine would stop getting all screwy... coz it gets all jammed up... and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it other than just asking someone who knows how to sew....

And if you don't have a sewing machine, hand stitches are adorable on a page!

I started with two pages, and ended up with four. I could've probably made an entire scrapbook with photos from this 4 hour meet up if I wanted. But I'm sure her book could use pages from some other events as well.

And sometimes, a little journaling, or in this case, a note to GG fills a space nicer than jamming another photo.

Ok.  So good night all.  I'm either going to wawa for an Italian Hoagie, or to bed.  ...   ....  I know what I should do... but man I'm hungry...

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