Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So little time... so much Christmasing to do!

Even though, like all of you, I have a chalkboard wall full of things I need to do in the next couple weeks,  I still found it a good idea to scrap a random christmas photo from last year...  WHAT is my damage?
I don't quite know but I do know... when something inspires you, you gotta jump on it.  I'm so so very behind on my own scrapbooking that I'm no where near even last christmas...  so at least I can cross one page off...  I think it happened because I was looking through my computer for Christmas photos to put up around the house...  Anyway,  it's no lie I made a few ornaments and tags before I dove into this... so it wasn't a total waste of a night.  And it made me happy.  And I needed a 'happy' diversion to put me back on track.

So here's the color version.  Though I love color...  for some reason B&W and Sepia just set  a mood that I'm so addicted to... so I apologize and it will happen again...  probably everytime.

So there's my little Roo last Christmas...  I just wanna SQUOOOSH her every minute I exist! And she says... "Mommy, NO SQUOOOSH ME!!!"
But that just makes me wanna squoosh some more...

AHHHHH, like 18 days till Christmas...

Stay tuned!

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