Monday, December 12, 2011

Fabric scraps??

The best thing I’ve found to do with fabric scraps is…
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to make appliques.

I’ve been itching to make a Christmas blankie for ROo this month…  and luckly JoAnn had a sale on fleece and flannel…
So I thought … why not make some appliques from my XL pile of material scraps that I can’t bring myself to throw out. Well it’s not that I can’t bring myself… I just plain think it’s a BAD IDEA!  lol.  They come in handy for tons of purposes. 
*Wrapping presents
*Making Collages
*Making dog clothes…  (see video here)
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Ok, maybe not baking so much…
1.  Pick out your fabrics and Iron on your fabric adhesive paper (heatbond)
2.  Wait till it cools off a bit…  10 seconds…
3.  Cut out your shape.  My trees are just triangles so I didn’t think it was necessary to pre-cut a pattern.  But you can make one out of paper and then trace it on the back of the heatbond reversed and then cut it out.  The simpler the shape, the better. Remember you’re gonna have to sew around it .
4.  Peel of the backing and iron it on to whatever background you’re using.
5.  Then sew the edge of your applique.  If you plan on washing the item you’re making… you’re best bet is to zigzag a tight stitch around the edge to prevent fraying. If it’s a display item or something you won’t be throwing in the wash, you can use a straight stitch but just be aware the edges won’t be as secure. And also remember what look you’re going for… a zigzag will leave a substantial outline to your applique so take that into account when choosing your thread color. Or you can choose black to make your appliques stand out.
I’ll post the end result at a later date…

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